3 Poster Design Tips

October 20, 2009

Image via Flickr user fotologic.

Posters are big, bold and beautiful. When given to clients or prospective customers as a promotion, posters can really help your business stand out. The large sizes, ranging from 11˝ x 17˝ up to 24˝ x 36˝ and including custom sizes, allow you to have a huge impact on viewers. When designing a poster promotion, consider the following three points, to help turn your wall art into new business and profits. 1. Create a Custom Poster Mailer Work with your print vendor to see if it's possible to fold a poster into a mailable package. Folding and wafer-sealing the edges of the poster can make it mailable at a regular postal rates. Use one blank back panel as an address block. When recipients unfold the mailing to reveal a poster, they will be amazed at your creativity and how big and impressive your promotion is. If you create an appealing design on the poster, they may even keep your promotion and hang it up at home or the office. 1. Include A Bit of Fine Print While design is vital to poster success, posters still need some copywriting and calls-to-action to generate business. If the viewer has no way to get in touch with you or follow up on the promotion, there will be no measurable return on your printing investment. Include copy either in the main headline of the poster, or as a blurb or caption. Offer deadlines, discounts, telephone numbers, URLs, and store locations are all examples of important poster copy. 3. Show your Green Side While a shiny, glossy poster may work best for some projects, using a matte paper, preferably with 100 percent recycled fiber and no chlorine compounds, can be a great way to showcase your environmental awareness. Customers will instantly recognizes the natural, earthy look and feel of the paper. There are also recycled content logos available for use on your promotion to point out your wise choice of paper. You can even include a blurb about the use of recycled paper and your business' other environmental initiatives. Talk to your print vendor about the other green paper, printing and coating options available.

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