5 reasons to stay in the graphic design business

September 1, 2009

finishlineLet’s face it this is a tough business. Clients can get on your nerves, incoming work can fluctuate, and there may be times when you feel like throwing up your hands and saying the heck with graphic design.

I’m going back to my old job! Well, even though discouragement is a natural part of any job, especially owning your own business, here are five great reasons to stick with the freelancing graphic design industry. 1. It’s recession proof As the economy goes through this rough time people start to lose their sense of job security. Positions are being eliminated, people are getting laid off, some are forced to retire early and entry-level positions are being fought over by double and triple the amount of applicants as in prior years. Why would this be a benefit to you? Necessity breeds creativity. A good majority of these people are going to start their own business. A vast group of these discouraged workers, from the laid off factory worker to the fed up college grad, have ideas in the back of their mind of what they would like to do as an entrepreneur. Once a bad break comes in their job market, that’s just the push some of them need in order to strike out on their own. Each one of those people need graphic design services. What’s a business without a branding package? 2. It’s technology based Technology is something that is never going to go away, decrease or move backwards. There is always going to be a newer, faster computer or a more advanced program to run on it. You’re in an industry that enhances itself everyday! Hundreds of companies are working hard to crank out technology-based products and services that cater to you and your business. If that much time and attention is being spent, you can be sure that the outlook for your use and value in this economy is extremely high. 3. It generates 90 percent profit Once you’ve paid off your computer, printer and programs, you’re pretty much done with your large expenses. Sure, there is that 10 percent for office supplies, educational workshops, your business cards and other marketing material, but the majority of the money that comes in from clients to you is going to be profit. Most freelancers work from home. They have no overhead that is specific to business. It’s the perfect set up! 4. All industries and individuals are potential clients There isn’t one company that I can think of that doesn’t need a graphic designer. Even if a company doesn’t produce something that has graphics on it (a farmer, for example), that farmer is going to need some type of delivery in order to reach his customers. His end product will probably need packaging. He might want to be picked up by a chain of grocery stores to stock their produce. This would require business cards, perhaps a brochure or presentation. He might want signage for his farm so that people can stop by on the side of the road and purchase fresh produce. Don’t exclude any business in terms of needing your services! 5. You are in complete control Not only do freelancers make the daily operating decisions like all small business owners do, but you are in control of how your final product will look, cost and be available without the pressure of outside forces. Although it is always good to test the market and see what the going rate is for similar services, the range is so vast that you can choose your market and design accordingly. The mom-and-pop restaurant down the street may only be able to pay you in meatloaf sandwiches (I like meatloaf, so I would take that deal!) But a larger corporation could pay you thousands of dollars for the same caliber of design. Life is good! You have the power to go after whatever client you think is the most profitable or most in need. It is completely up to you, and that freedom right there is probably the best reason of all to stay in this business.

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