5 unlikely industries that need graphic designers

September 9, 2009

construction-workerThere is not one industry that doesn’t need graphic design. Everyone needs a logo, business cards and stationery.

But when going after clients, we graphic designers normally try to go after restaurants, churches, salons and publishers, because we see their heavy need for our services. But there are other industries out there that need graphic design services just as much as those highly visible industries. Here are some industries that are often overlooked as potential clients and some services that would be great to provide: Construction industry You rarely see them advertise their services, but this industry has a great need for business identity. They are defined by their logo, and consistency is key for giving off an impression of professionalism and competency. Products they may need: Embroidered shirts, vehicle decals Accountants Part of the straight-forward industry of finance, freelance accountants often find it hard to compete with larger chains such as H&R Block. Even some of those employees tend to have their own businesses on the side. Marketing material for this industry is effective when it shows loyalty, discretion and intelligence. Products they may need: Interactive website for budgeting, spending worksheet handouts Furniture stores Any store needs graphic design services, signage, etc., but sometimes furniture stores are overlooked as potential clients due to normally having graphic designers on staff. However, smaller stores that are not franchises might need freelancing services to build their identity. Due to heavy advertising needs with sales and specials, you could probably land a contract for guaranteed work with one of these types of stores. Products they may need: Newspaper ads, color/fabric swatches, delivery truck wraps School system Freelancers may find this industry a tough one to crack. Most schools have contracts with larger firms, but there is a way to get your foot in the door. A lot of the time, individual teachers run their own smaller events that include everyone in the school. Also, groups such as the PTA need graphics to promote upcoming events and rallies. Products they may need: Spirit banners, bumper stickers, yard signs Federal government This is another industry that normally is contracted with graphic design firms, but why can’t you be one of them? You can go after government contracts yourself; you just need to know how. Contact your local small business association to speak with an expert on how to become eligible for government contracts. They always need design services, and contract means guaranteed money. Products they may need: Sticker decals, ID badges

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