Save Money with Cheap Announcement Cards

December 30, 2009

When having a party, get together or letting friends and family know about the new baby that just arrived, it seems as though there are so many better things to spend money on than announcements.

Announcement cards don’t have to break the bank if you know a little bit about your ordering options. Although most printers can create just about anything that you can think up, choosing standard sizes and other simple options can help you get the word out without going bankrupt. Here are some printing options you can choose for cheap announcement cards: Order flat cards It’s a fact that more folds equal more money. If you’re looking to save a dollar or two, opt for a flat card that can showcase your information all at once. If you think about it, a lot of folded personalized cards have blank inside front and outside back panel. That’s about half of the card that is unused anyway! Most announcement information can usually fit on the front of a flat card when spaced correctly. Print on one side For a folded or flat card, having one blank side can defiantly cut down on cost. I don’t know of one printer that wouldn’t give you the option to have a card with a blank inside. Besides, even though it might give your hand a cramp, for certain situations a handwritten note to someone is generally considered much more meaningful. The smaller, the cheaper Size options are sometimes a tough decision based on how much text and graphic information you want to use. A lot of times, people choose to have a large, standard greeting card size for their announcements when much of that space is wasted by not having enough text to fill it. Look over your text and your pictures and see how much room it will really take up within your card. Check to see if you can be more concise with your text or remove additional pictures to go down to a smaller size card that will ultimately mean a lower overall cost. Order early I can’t tell you how many of my clients have paid extra fees because they had a rush placed on their order. Ordering at the last minute is not only nerve-wrecking, it will cost you. The majority of printers out there will offer different prices for production and shipping if applicable. If you place your order well in advance of when you need them in hand, you can choose for the “economy” or slowest production option and ground shipping. These options could save you literally hundreds of dollars depending on the quantity of your order.

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