Printing headaches

September 1, 2009

My business is not what you would call traditional. I sell in all 50 states. That is pretty common nowadays, but my product is individualized for each group based on their geographical location. The product varies from county to county inside of a state. Since the product varies, the sales material must meet that particular customer’s demands. I have to know that when I order brochures and sales materials that they will be done correctly and delivered on time.

I need everything to fall into place every time. There is no time to reorder or get corrections. Online printing offers that. I can be in Tennessee, have a meeting in Nevada the next day, and know that the material I need will be delivered to the hotel I am staying at and be correct and ready to go when I am. A few days heads up and everything is ready. I tried that with a brick-and-mortar location. That was a disaster. Material wasn't shipped on time, shipped to the wrong address or printed incorrectly. I even tried some of the “bargain” online printers. Yeah, they were a bargain alright. What a waste of time. You don't understand the peace of mind that a reliable company offers until you suffer the results of an unreliable one. The only universal truth in online printing is that you have to research the company and be able to trust the one you work with. Most companies offer the same services, but it is the reliability factor that will help you get the sale. Are there any other printing issues that you think are important? What do you look for in a printer?

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About Jerry Brisinger

I am the Marketing Director of a small media development company. We deal with hardware,software, and hard goods. As part owner of that company, I am able to see many of the true inner workings of the decision making process. Over my years in the marketing field I have striven to show simplify people's way of thinking on the subject. Many executives and small business owners try to over complicate the entire idea. They are wrong. In my posts I hope to show you what it is that I mean.

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