The essentials of website presentation (part two)

August 4, 2009

In my last post I introduced the four elements of website presentation. Now, I will go more in depth to show you what I mean. Engage Engage the audience with something entertaining. Do it with talking frogs, a cute gecko, something that helps to make a person laugh or at least think your ad was “cute.” Cute sells a lot faster than leaving them scratching their heads as to what the point was. Whatever you use, stick with it.

The cute character that you create will be associated with the brand as much as the name of the product ever will. Enlighten Deliver your message in a clear and concise manner. Let your audience know the benefits of the product you are offering them. Show how your product is better than the other guy's and what the benefits of those differences are. Embed the brand Like it or not 99 percent of the products and services on the market today are the same. That is just the plain truth. They may differ in the amount of perfume or use organic materials, but soap is soap and deodorant is deodorant. Branding has to change that in people's minds or your product will not sell. Someone convinced the world that name brands are better than generics. Reinforce Repeat the product name as often as possible. Use a picture of the product, flash the name, verbalize it, whatever method you want to use, but repeat the name of the produce ad nauseum. If you repeat (reinforce) the product name enough, people will remember it and buy it. We have all fallen victim to this type of marketing. These are some very basic marketing tactics. They may be considered to be for newbies only, but we were all new to the game in the beginning. Sorry, but there was no spitting in this installment. Do you have any other tactics that you think should be on this short list?

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About Jerry Brisinger

I am the Marketing Director of a small media development company. We deal with hardware,software, and hard goods. As part owner of that company, I am able to see many of the true inner workings of the decision making process. Over my years in the marketing field I have striven to show simplify people's way of thinking on the subject. Many executives and small business owners try to over complicate the entire idea. They are wrong. In my posts I hope to show you what it is that I mean.

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