Wedding invitation design ideas

November 2, 2009

wedding-ring-setIt feels that wedding season has passed, and we’re moving on into the cold winter months, but it's just the contrary. These are the times when weddings are planned, mapped out and prepared for.

Grooms-to-be are popping the question around the holiday season in front of family and friends, and the shot is heard for future brides to start planning for their soirées. Any great wedding first starts out with wedding invitations and themes are helpful for creating a great design that will impress your guests. Most wedding planners will tell you that one of the foundations of any wedding is a theme. Don’t think of it so literally, though. A theme doesn’t have to be so rigid such as “beach” or “Chinese New Year.” I think most brides will agree that they want their wedding to be elegant, but they’ve always dreamed of it being a certain way. Perhaps your theme centers on your ancestry such as Italian or African. Maybe your theme will have a root in your upbringing, a rural setting from those childhood trips to Grandma’s farm or by the lake based on those memories of the summers that your family spent by the water. Whatever the case, having a centralized idea that your wedding plans, decorations and promotional material will evolve around is very helpful when making decisions about colors, textures, venues, guest list and attire. Your theme will first be introduced to your guests by the invitations they receive. It is important to line your invitations up with your theme so your guests will know what to expect when they come. They wouldn’t wear long sleeve dresses to a beach wedding, nor would they wear a summer outfit to a wedding in the snowy mountains. Keep your wedding plans consistent by carrying out color and mood into your invitations. Using a beach theme as an example, you would want to keep with colors reminiscent of the beach and its surroundings. Light and navy blues along with beiges and whites give you a sense of the air, sand and sea. Airy colors give your guests a sense of informality and relaxation. That’s what you do at the beach! Think about using an unconventional packaging for your invitation. Maybe you could print off notes or directions to the church and put them in small glass bottles, attaching them to the invitation. You could use spray adhesive on the printed card and sprinkle sand on top, further giving the illusion of the beach. Also, nothing says beach more than an actual picture of the beach! Find your favorite picture of the two of you at the beach and purchase wedding announcement cards as a way to show your guests that they’ll get the same great beach experience you had when they come to your wedding. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope. A traditional card is great, but it can always be embellished. A plain envelope can be effective, but using a colored envelope or a nice seal on the back can show your guests that you pay attention to detail and they’re guaranteed to have a good time.

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January 07, 2016 03:21 am #

Thank you writing this informative article about wedding invitations. I had a number of unanswered questions before I started reading this, but I now feel quite comfortable, and I already have a number of wedding invitation ideas jumping in my head.

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Valerie January 07, 2016 03:21 am #

I'm so glad to hear that this article helped you TyingSoon! Congratulations on your special day, and keep checking back with us, we always create posts about unique invitation ideas!

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