PsPrint Blog Week in Review: Aug. 23 –Aug. 27

August 26, 2010

Busy week, huh? The kids went back to school. Things got crazy at work. Those episodes of “Mad Men” are piling up on your DVR. I hear you. All those things cut into your blog readin’ time. Don’t fret, here’s what you missed this week on PsPrint Blog: Lord of the strings PsPrint blogger Valerie strings us along with her blog post, “The Thread Zone,” about artist Devorah Sperber, who creates her art with thread. Valerie shares 10 of Sperber’s very cool-looking spool thread works that hang in businesses and museums throughout the country. Everything you wanted to know about freelance but were afraid to ask There are plenty of great things about the freelancing lifestyle. You can set your own hours, work in your pajamas and only take the jobs you want. But, it can get lonely; very lonely. There are no co-workers to make chitchat with; no one to bounce ideas off of. It’s not uncommon to see a once-professional freelancer turn into that overly caffeinated weirdo who chats up the barista at the coffeehouse for hours. PsPrint blogger Britt explores the idea of co-working space in her blog post, “5 Benefits of Co-working.” While PsPrint blogger Brian details the downside of the lone worker in his blog post, “The Pitfalls of Freelancing.” Phoning it in Smartphones can do everything these days. They are like Swiss Army Phones. I think mine actually has a bottle opener app. I’m kidding, of course, but a lot of people are browsing the web, communicating and shopping on their mobile devices. Britt offers some tips for making your website easy to navigate for smartphone users in “Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?” Large and in charge Bigger is better, according to artist Robert Therrien, who has taken everyday objects such as furniture and dishes and made them ginormous. No longer are we looking down on them; they are looking down on us and giving viewers a new perspective. Check out the photos in Valerie’s blog post, “Larger Than Life.” Ha ha! What’s so funny, you ask? Britt searched the web for funny business and shares some graphic design and freelance humor in her blog post, “4 Friday Funnies for Designers and Freelancers.”

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Sonia Mansfield works as the Website Content and Social Media Marketing Manager for PsPrint Blog and, and manages the company's social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest. Her earlier gigs included slaving as a low-paid reporter for a daily newspaper and TV critic for various entertainment blogs. When she’s not working, she’s usually making nerdy “Star Wars” references, talking about TV or watching baseball games. You can email her at

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