5 Super Bowl Party Ideas

February 2, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV is just around the corner. The Indianapolis Colts take on the New Orleans Saints in Miami on Sunday, Feb. 7. Whether you are a rooting for a local favorite, or just taking it all in, the Super Bowl is always a great time. If you are hosting or attending a Super Bowl get-together, check out these five printed pieces that can make the party a hit.

Share the ideas below with your Super Bowl host or bring over a cool custom banner or poster as a gift for the host. 1. Invitations You still have time to print invitations if you bypass the mail and hand invites out directly to friends at work, or place them in neighbors' mailboxes. A simple postcard with the time, location and date of the event will suffice. Postcards save you a bit on the cost of envelopes and act as great souvenirs, which folks might want to hang on to. You can also include suggestions of food items or party supplies that guests can bring with them on the postcard. 2. Event tickets Event tickets can be printed and distributed ahead of the party to serve as invitations. Perforated tickets can also be used during the Super Bowl party if the host is planning any prize giveaways or raffles during the broadcast. Just collect everyone's numbered stubs and have guests hold onto the original - then use the stubs to draw winning numbers. Event tickets also make a fun souvenir, as if you and your friends had front row seats at the game. 3. Posters Available in small quantities of 25 or 50, custom printed posters are a great souvenir to hang during the party and also give away to your guests. You'll want to go for a glossy paper to give it that exciting sheen. Poster sizes range from 11-inch by 17-inch to 24-inch by 36-inch, just be careful about the images and text used in the design. Stay away from any trademarked NFL material, instead come up with your own clever slogans to support your favorite team or player. 4. Menus For many football fans, the Super Bowl is more about eating than it is about watching, especially if your team was knocked out of the running during the playoffs. If there's an ample amount of work being put into the Super Bowl party food, why not feature all of that cooking on a menu. Menus are available on glossy paper, or with lamination, and in a variety of shapes and sizes, even custom die-cut shapes (I'm thinking football shaped!). They are a great souvenir for guests, and let folks know how much time and thought you put into your cooking and hosting duties. 5. Vinyl banners Hand-drawn posters are cute, but nothing beats custom-made vinyl banners. If you want to show your support for either team, then consider ordering a vinyl banner to hang during the Super Bowl. A 10-foot banner will really get guests charged up about the game. Your best bet is to print a banner with raw edges, to tack to the wall, or if you have pole supports, you can print a banner with pole pockets in it.

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