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Three Classic Copywriting Books For Direct Marketers

There are tons of copywriting niches out there, such as advertising, marketing and public relations. But then there’s direct marketing copywriting, which is a science and art.

Create an Organized Archive of Inspirational Clippings

I know it’s said that a messy desk is a sign of genius, but if your desk is starting to like an excavation site and not someplace you can work, then it may be time to add a little structure to your creative impulses.

Using Testimonials to Land New Jobs

As a freelance copywriter or designer, one low cost way to promote your business or services is to collect and feature testimonials from past clients.

The Power of A Survey

Whether it’s three short questions with blanks for write-in responses or twenty multiple choice questions, a survey can help your marketing in several ways. Below are four reasons why you should consider adding a survey to your marketing communications:

Three Tips for Designing Order Forms

If the order form doesn’t pull its own weight, the customer could lose interest, and a poorly designed order form can actually kill the sale, leaving the customer frustrated and your pockets empty.

Keep the following tips in mind to design effective, easy-to-use order forms:

Four Great Blogs for Small Business Marketing

For inspirational ideas about marketing, design, small business development and copywriting add these four blogs to your list. Blogroll please!

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