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4 Fun Design Prompts

Try these four creative graphic design prompts including designs for a logo, letterhead, postcard and book cover.

14 Designs You’ll Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day I’ve put together a round up of designs that I love. Some of the pieces are insanely creative, some are funny and some are just really clean, well-executed designs. The samples include wrapping paper, business cards, book design, letterhead, brochures, posters and more.

6 Frame-Worthy Vintage Postcards

Sometimes when you’ve only seen reproductions of a famous painting and then finally get to see the original, the small canvas size is shocking. It …

5 Inspiring Films for Graphic Designers

Five films that will inspire graphic designers, illustrators and creatives. Two of the picks explore visually stimulating imaginary worlds and the other three cover the world of art and design documentary style.

5 Financial and Insurance Logos That Don’t Suck

Financial services and buttoned-up corporate logos don’t’ have to be boring or blah. Here are five financial services and insurance company logos that communicate safety and trustworthiness to consumers, but still have a little design zing to them.

12 Inspiring Snow Patterns

This post is for all those people out there who claim to be ‘sick of the snow. These 12 photos capture amazing patterns in the snow.

9 Good Reads for Freelancers

Reading what experts have to say about running a freelance business is like having a mentor who will share tips and secrets with you. Here is a selection of freelance and graphic design titles to get started with…

3 Content Marketing Ideas for Designers

Tips for using client stories, testimonials and tutorials to attract and convert clients.

Tools for Building and Testing Your Mobile Site

Where are you reading this blog post? Are you at your computer? Are you looking at this on your phone? Check out this round up of links to mobile site generators and simulators that can help you transform your site so that it’s easy to view on a phone.

4 Facebook Marketing Tips for Freelance Graphic Designers

If you are a freelance graphic designer or any type of freelancer or small business owner, then you should start marketing yourself on Facebook today.…

Just Say No

If you work at home, don’t become the neighborhood dog sitter or package courier. Here are some tips for learning to say no to favor-seekers and setting up boundaries for your professional life.

3 Bookplate Design Tips

Want a great idea for a new promotional giveaway or design product to add to your repertoire? Design a bookplate! Bookplates are those cool rectangular stickers that you attach to the endpapers of the front of a book and write your name on. This way everyone knows its your book from your personal library.

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