12 Designs for Penguin Awareness Day

In honor of Penguin Awareness Day today, I present to you 12 diverse works by different artists of the dapper bird.

I like how these designers played around with the black-and-white coloring of penguins: They took away outlines or amplified the contrast. I think designers like to work with penguins because sometimes they’re cartoonish, and sometimes they’re elegant in their natural setting, making them appealing to young and old alike. Penguins are so universally beloved that I’ve seen designs printed on greeting cards, invitations, T-shirts, hang tags and posters.

Source: yayforfidgetart via Etsy

Source: Amy Fleisher

Source: JamesCho84 via Woot

Source: Matt’s Feed

Source: BouleDeNeige via Etsy

Source: Urban Eskimo

Source: Matt Hamm

Source: bryanhoff.com

Source: stampgirl45 via Etsy

Source: Pablo Amargo

Source: chrisbears via Spreadshirt

Source: CraftsAndDoodles via Etsy

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