7 Social Media Logos that Stand Out

In part one of this post, I talked about social media logos that look the same.  I just wonder why when it comes to social media, and many online companies, there is a sea of sameness? Has the logo receded into the background in terms of online businesses? Is the site design and simplicity of the site name or  URL more important?

Here are some more social media logos that actually stand out. They are not the black, white and blue safe sans serif of Facebook, LinkedIn and the like.

Instantly recognizable, the red box around “tube” looks like a TV screen, which makes sense. Bonus points for cleverly ripping of TV Guide’s logo! See below.

The Youtube logo uses the same kind of design as the TV Guide logo, instantly aligning their brand with “watching.”

Hello serif font! Hello recognizable logo that doesn’t look like everyone elses.

Taking a page out of WordPress’ book. Tumblr uses a serif font, and simple, cool colors.

This weird orange “B” works for me. It’s also got a throwback, late ’90s internet vibe that I admire.

Like Blogger’s “B”, Digg is another example of a throwback logo. The font seems like it’s straight out of an old-school arcade game.

I can see this logo looking great on a T-shirt or hat. Since “vimeo” is already suggestive of “video,” a plain, well-executed text logo works here.

The name “Groupon” = group + coupon is pretty self explanatory, but just in case the tagline drives the purpose of site home. I like this simple black-and-white design.


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