5 Twisted Winnie the Pooh Designs

Did you know there’s a Winnie the Pooh Day? Yup, it’s today, and while I don’t begrudge Pooh’s appeal or wisdom, the misguided appropriation of the character – from adults wearing jean jackets emblazoned with the cartoon bear to regrettable tattoos – brings his integrity down. That’s why I sought out designers’ alternative takes on Pooh and his pals. These graphic artists took a traditional, well-known character and tweaked it. The results are anywhere from funny to dark – most definitely not the childhood bear we grew up with.

Source: Mo Moussa and Roni Lagin via Made With Awesome

Source: NeoGAF

Source: Glennz Tees

Source: Iron-Fox via deviantART

Source: Bobby Chiu via Imaginism Studios


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