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Save some trees by going green with your marketing materials.

I like to bring some eco-friendly print news to light from time to time. It might seem like a waste, so I thought I’d share some statistics to help put things into perspective.

It may not seem like much, but the statistics show how real the effect can be. By ordering, for example, just 500 “green” business cards instead of ones printed using traditional techniques; you will save 0.02 fully grown trees, 4.4 gallons of water, 1 pound of solid waste and 1.6 pounds of greenhouse gases. Numbers don’t lie. The fact of the matter is that they add up to make a very real influence on the environment.

If you are ever in need of business cards, brochures, fliers or any other printed material make sure to check out a company that offers eco-friendly printing along with their custom design services.

Does your company deal with eco-friendly business partners?

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