Ahoy, Mateys: Pirate Gr-arrr-phic Design!

I’ve been told zombies are the new vampires, and weren’t vampires the new ninjas? But pirates will always hold a dear spot in my pop culture-filled heart. I don’t see pirate love dying down, as evidenced by this batch of pirate graphic design. After all, there are still pirate festivals hosted all over, and who doesn’t love Johnny Depp in eyeliner?

Summer is a great time to include pirates in your design projects, because you can work in ships, the ocean, parrots and more fun stuff. You can also incorporate so many styles: tattoo, retro, illustration, childlike, etc.

I had to stop myself from checking out pirate design after pirate design for this collection of inspiration. Please let me know in the Comments about anything I might have missed!

Design by Skazi222 on deviantART

Design by Office

“Boot Juggler” design and animation by Robin Davey

Design by Cronobreaker on deviantART

As seen on The Design Cubicle

Design by Anna Maria Lopez Lopez

Design by Tiger Lee

Design by Alexandre Imbert

Design by Victor Beuren

Design by Julius Bernotas


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