Hot Off the Press: Fantagraphics Bookstore, Phoenix Film Festival and More

From film festivals to business marketing and art shows to music CDs, the design we see come through the presses at PsPrint is an eclectic bunch. We’re inspired by it every day. One of the neat things is seeing just how customers use printed products. For example, while some musicians will opt for a traditional CD jewel case and insert, designer Douglas Kochmanski opted for a more DIY project for his friend, singer-songwriter Brett Staggs: Kochmanski designed a sticker that he said is going to be applied to a paperboard sleeve, and the back of the sleeve and the CD itself are going to be marked with a custom stamp.

For more inspiration, just look at all the recent designs PsPrint has printed in the past week: postcards, business cards, flyers, invitations and more. For even more creative designs, be sure to check out last week’s “Hot Off the Press.” We’re always on the hunt for original printing projects, so if you’ve worked on something you think deserves to be included in a future “Hot Off the Press,” please let us know in the Comments below.

Postcard for Shotgun Players

Sticker for Teacher Geek

Postcard for LifeMoxie

Sticker for Five Pound Apparel

Business card for artist/graphic designer Rafael Cuello

Sticker design by Douglas Kochmanski for Brett Staggs’ “Rio Grande” CD sleeve

Club card flyer for World Famous Productions

Invitation for Pacific Coast Weddings

Postcard design by Max Allbee for his “An Excursion to Frisco” exhibit

Club card flyer for Alameda County Fair

Postcard design by Anthony Discenza in collaboration with Leif Hedendal for an event at Catharine Clark Gallery

Postcard for 'BLAMBLAMBLAM, ClickClickClick' short being shown at the Phoenix Film Festival

Business card for Sonoma Passport

Mini business card for Greek Dimensions

Postcard for Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery

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