10 Martin Luther King Jr. Designs

Had Martin Luther King Jr. not been tragically murdered more than 40 years ago, he would have celebrated his 82nd birthday this past Saturday. King was an inspiration not just to blacks but also to pacifists and pretty much anyone interested in civil rights. Because he was such an iconic figure, it’s no wonder that artists have been inspired by him – enough, even, to create their own designs to celebrate the man. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, here are 10 graphic design works that, like my previous post of John Lennon design, make me wonder how much more these men could have accomplished had they not died so young.

Source: Heidi Yosinski via Penn State Live

Source: Dencii Manayak via deviantART

Source: James Dillon Wright via Flickr

Source: Keri O’Brian

Source: Matt Needle

Source: rocktai via Flickr

Source: Dylan Bocanegra via BlackMouth

Source: Simon Grossi via Flickr

Source: Jonas Fleuraime via Behance Network

Source: Misen via Abduzeedo


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