Thanksgiving Graphic Design Tutorials

It’s not too late to take advantage of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Learn how to add some fall flair to your website and e-newsletter with these tutorials!

If you’re feeling sentimental, show your appreciation to your customers by making a Thanksgiving slideshow for your website. Include photos you’ve collected throughout the year of clients, events, projects and products. Wondershare has a video that explains how to create a 3-D flash slideshow. Be sure to mention the new slideshow in your e-newsletter and include a link!

Do you have any leftover pumpkins from your Halloween marketing campaign? You can still use those, since gourds, in general, symbolize autumn. If not, though, Tutorial9 shows you how to create a Thanksgiving pumpkin with Photoshop. Use it to decorate your company’s website!

If you’re looking for something nostalgic, check out this free Thanksgiving turkey vector from It reminds me of those construction-paper turkeys we made in grade school in which we outlined our hands for the turkey’s body. This adorable turkey would make a great accent to your website.

For a different take on turkey, Associated Content has a tutorial about how to create a turkey in Fireworks. This one is wearing a pilgrim hat!

Speaking of pilgrims, for other Thanksgiving images – such as cornucopias, pilgrims and autumn leaves – check out 1NetCentral’s collection, MorgueFile’s as well as iStockphoto’s.

For more ways your business can take advantage of the holiday, check out these Thanksgiving marketing ideas, which include creating recipe cards, cooking bookmarks and holiday cards.

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