Hot Off the Press: Boba Cruz, Z Space and More

Question for the designers: Do you work better independently or in a collaborative setting? Most designers I know are open to meetings and brainstorming, but when it comes to getting down to the actual work, they prefer to be on their own. That’s why I found it interesting that two print pieces in this week’s “Hot Off the Press” are not only designed by a pair of people – but they’re REALLY close. The sticker Boba Cruz ordered to use as a label on its tea cups is a joint effort between Boba Cruz owner Daniel Wyatt and his fiancée, Judy Nguyen. And Kris Loew recently started a toy business, Poketti Plushies with a Pocket, with her daughter, “Cuteness Control Officer” Sydney. Together they designed the greeting card below, which fits inside the pocket of their bunny plush.

Now, be honest: Could you work with a family member?

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Greeting card cover design by Sydney Loew and Kris Loew for Poketti Plushies with a Pocket


Sticker label design by Daniel Wyatt and Judy Nguyen for Boba Cruz


Business card design by Megan Griffiths for WryGoods


Postcard design by Ulla Havenga for “Hundred Days” at Z Space


Invitation design by Bouldin Graphics for G.U.R.L.S. Lead Global Leadership Program


Poster art by Dave Perillo for SF Sketchfest


Club card flyer for ShadowBox Dreams


Sheet sticker design by Rachel Baldelli for Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union


Postcard by Red Monkey Design for LuLu’s on Main


Brochure cover design by Ash Weiss for Alive and Healing


Logo by Robert Turner and sticker design by Coletrane Productions’ Cole Erickson for Chris Paxton


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