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untz untz untz untz … That’s the sound of house music. It’s also the name of PsPrint customer Brian Cabalic’s company, which is all over the stickers PsPrint prints for Cabalic that are then slapped on to people’s backs and used for guerrilla marketing.


Stickers for Untz.

Stickers for Untz.


Untz is a multi-faceted company. It promotes house, hip-hop and electronic dance music. It also develops software, applications and mobile games. But it all comes back to Untz.

“It’s another portal for people to reach our brand,” Cabalic told me. “We have the house music and hip-hop following, and we also have the online software and mobile games.”

Untz: Verb; A deliberate attempt to pull a prank on another individual that has no negative effect on that person or anybody else. – Urban Dictionary.

Untz does branding well. It prints stickers by the thousands, which can then be purchased on the website. Fans are encouraged to slap them everywhere, on everything and everyone. And that gives Untz its double meaning: It signifies the sound of house music as well as the fun combination of pranking and branding.


An Untz sticker slapped onto a DJ.

An Untz sticker slapped onto DJ Mikeytown at Jayvi Velasco’s AfterAfterHours in Oakland, Calif.


Untz tracks this form of guerrilla marketing by urging slappers to tag #UntzFans in all tweets and Instagrams.


Chuy Gomez and an Untz slap on his mic on his radio show  at CMCTV.

Chuy Gomez and an Untz slap on his mic on his radio show at CMCTV.


“One of the things we’re most excited about is Untz doesn’t have a real meaning, and we as a company have an opportunity to define it,” Cabalic says. “People make fun of house music, but we’re legitimizing it.”

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