Hot Off the Press: Julie Ann Art, The Brush Guard and More

“Cute” is a term that makes some business marketers cringe, but in the appropriate situation targeted at the right market, cute design totally works. This week’s collection of PsPrint customers includes a number of cute printing jobs.

  • Julie Ann Art took a crude saying and turned it into a whimsical notepad.
  • The Off-Road Vixens business card may include a cartoon woman, but she looks tough!
  • The Brush Guard’s makeup-brush products fight gross “Ickie” germs, and its Ickie Stickie sticker labels make for adorable print marketing.

Below are more examples of cute printing, including comics-inspired and, of course, babies. For more design inspiration, check out last week’s “Hot Off the Press.”

Sticker design by Rocko Luciano for The Brush Guard


Wedding invitation card design by Jessica Rycheal


Sheet stickers for Hays High School Class of 2015’s Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser


Poster design by R.Black for UnderCover Presents


Notepad by Julie Ann Art


Poster design by HuB Agency’s Michael Muscarella for Florida Winefest and Auction


Postcard design by Cummings and Good for 2013 Chester Carnivale


Business card design by Todd Brashear and logo by Dave Nelke for Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association


Booklet cover design by Ben Carlson for Prime Software


Business card design by Bella Blu Design Shoppe’s Anne Schmidt for Mommy’s Dream Team

FPO MDT Die Cut Biz Card FRONT

Invitation design by My Trick Pony


Postcard design by Deborah Kekone for California Association of Licensed Investigators


Sticker for Boxbee


Front of business card for Urban Betty Hair Salon


Brochure cover for Monterey Museum of Art


Business card for Off-Road Vixens


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