Direct-Mail Marketing Done Easy

One of the most cringe-worthy things I can think of is a paper cut to the tongue. But with direct-mail services, you can bid adieu to licking stacks of envelopes – and even save money. If you’re shaking your head at the thought of sending snail mail, consider this: E-mail marketing works only if your target audience actually opens your newsletter, scrolls through it and clicks through to your site. Response rate is low with e-mail marketing. However, direct mail provides a tangible, one-on-one experience with your customer.

Direct-mail marketing is ideal for many small businesses. The National Oil and Lube News newsletter (PDF), for one, advocates reminder cards (in its case, for car maintenance), mailings to customers who haven’t visited in more than a year, and discounts for a targeted audience.

When you do a bulk mailing of postcards, brochures or catalogs, the recipients don’t have the option of hitting Delete – instead, they’re face to face with your eye-popping graphic design and your catchy marketing message. Printed marketing materials are tangible reminders to get something done. How many times have you thought you’d refer back to an e-mail newsletter, only to let it sink to the bottom of your inbox?

Going back to the paper cut-via-envelope scenario – with direct-mail services, once you’ve designed your promotional postcard, booklet or brochure, your hard work is done. Simply provide PsPrint with your mailing list, and addressing, postage and sending are taken care of.

Direct-mail services take the drudge work out of marketing, leaving you more time to focus on your business itself.

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