Grab Attention With a Vinyl Banner

The afternoon sky was dark this weekend as the wind whipped the rain in all directions, yet I still managed to spot a bold, red-on-white vinyl banner over a store proclaiming, “Grand Opening!” My companions and I did a double take, as a new restaurant, bar or shop in our neighborhood is always cause for celebration. We turned the corner to pass the establishment again, finding that it’s a nail salon. When we got to our destination, we told our friends about it. And that is vinyl banner marketing at its best.

Banners are a great investment for small businesses. Here are three reasons:

1. They’re portable. While the banner I saw was hung above a shop announcing its grand opening, they can be used in many places: in a trade show booth, at a street fair, on an overpass or in a parade. You can print up one banner with your company’s logo, tagline and contact information and then use it in a variety of ways for years to come.

2. They’re bold. A banner signifies there is something special going on. If the nail salon had just a storefront sign, I never would have noticed anything was new on that block. But the banner told me something was happening: a sale or grand opening. As a driver, I never would have noticed a poster in the window. But the vinyl banner was visible from across the street.

3. They’re weatherproof. Despite the stormy conditions, the banner I saw was in good condition. Its weight kept it from flapping around too much, and the rain just ran off. The moisture made the banner look even shinier. A weatherproofed vinyl banner can last a long time, giving you a lot of bang for your marketing buck.

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