Holiday Marketing Ideas for February

Happy Groundhog Day! This holiday always throws me off, because, like Punxsutawney Phil, it pops out at you unexpectedly. Although it’s likely too late to incorporate some Groundhog Day marketing now, if you get a move on, there’s still time to promote your business with a bunch of other February holidays.

Black History Month. This is celebrated through the whole month of February. One idea is to include historical bits of information and inspirational quotes in your newsletter or on your website.

Super Bowl. Don’t smirk – this is definitely considered a holiday to a lot of people! Plenty of cash will be exchanging hands come Sunday. Even though gambling is illegal in many states, but that doesn’t mean you can’t set up a Super Bowl pool among co-workers or customers – just don’t make it about money. Rather, offer up squares in the pool in exchange for a testimonial on your website, a review on Yelp, a comment on Facebook, etc. Then make the prize a service that your business provides.

Valentine’s Day. This is the most commercial of the February holidays. The trick is to make your marketing efforts stand out among all the hearts and Cupids. Fortunately, red is a bold color, and the first thing is to decorate: your website, your newsletter and your shop. Check out these graphic design resources for tutorials, vector images, fonts and other inspiration. Also, you can make a mix CD to hand out to customers – perhaps offer it to them for free if they spend a certain amount with you. Finally, don’t think that Valentine’s Day cards are just for your significant other – show your clients some love, too, with a self-designed, printed card!

Chinese New Year. The beginning of the Year of the Tiger is also on Valentine’s Day: Feb. 14. A unique alternative to sending Valentine’s Day cards to your clients is to distribute Chinese New Year greeting cards. You can also keep your customers abreast of the holiday by explaining what the Year of the Tiger means by including trivia on your website and in newsletters. If you missed out on the opportunity to print a calendar before January, take advantage of the Chinese New Year to market your company with this always-appreciated handout.

Presidents Day. Feb. 15 doesn’t just have to be a day off – remind your customers of its significance by celebrating the holiday with some fun. Dress an employee up as Abraham Lincoln or George Washington to garner attention for a sale. Print out posters and flyers with presidential images to advertise – after all, it’s a day off for many people, so urge them to spend it shopping with you!

Mardi Gras. Also known as Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras always begins 46 days before Easter; this year it starts Feb. 16. The big thing about Mardi Gras is all the free beads that are handed out during parades. You can incorporate this tradition into your marketing by buying a bunch of cheap necklaces at a party supply store and handing them out to customers and clients with a hang tag attached advertising your business and upcoming promotions.



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