Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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The day after Halloween, all of the fall specialty items come down off of the shelves and the Christmas and holiday merchandise go right up.

These next few weeks will fly by. Thanksgiving will come and go and the winter holidays will be upon us.

Here are some quick holiday marketing tips that have useful information for small businesses. Included are tips on postcards, e-mail marketing, search marketing and just general and practical advice for taking the holiday season and making it profitable.

Tips for Direct Mail

Sending a bookend campaign, which is a postcard, e-mail and finally a follow-up postcard, is a great way to make an impression with prospects. This blog post shares real examples of holiday postcards that small businesses use to supplement their e-mail marketing campaigns.

5 Holiday Do’s and Don’ts

This post is intended for retail businesses, but many of the tips carry over into other business types, especially the tip about measuring your results! Be sure you have a system in place to measure the return on investment on any marketing or special offesrs.

12 Small Business Phone tips for the 12 Days Till Christmas

MarketingProfs is one of the best marketing resources out there. Here are 12 tips for businesses that experience heavy phone traffic right before and during the holidays.

5 Easy Holiday Marketing Ideas

This post has some simple tips such as thanking existing customers, giving coupons and spreading discounts to affiliates.

20 Holiday Subject Lines

When people recieve a marketing e-mail it takes them all of two seconds to decide whether to click “delete” or “open.” The subject line needs to be great to make them choose “open.” If you are sending out any holiday e-mail marketing, then check out this list of subject line ideas and tweak one of the samples to make it your own!

Holiday Season Reminders

This blog gives a good overview of the ups and downs of the shopping season and how to capitalize on consumer’s typical behavior.

Tips for Reeling in Christmas Sales

This is a more web and SEO-focused blog, but has great tips, such as customizing your website design for the holidays and trying some pay-per-click advertising that adds phrases such as “Christmas deals” next to your favorite keywords and phrases.

Happy holiday marketing!

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