5 Sneaky Places for Marketing

There are certain items in a company’s printed materials that are taken for granted. You design them with your logo and contact information and leave them at that. But a lot of branded material is a missed promotion opportunity. Here are some places to sneak in extra marketing efforts.

Event tickets. Of course, you include all the information for the event, such as date, time and location, but what about all that other space? What about the back of the ticket? That’s where you can include a calendar of upcoming events.

Business cards. PsPrint blogger Valerie recently posted some great ideas for how graphic designers can promote themselves on their business cards. Either on the back of the card or inside a fold-out style, include thumbnails of your best portfolio pieces.

Calendars. It may still be early in the New Year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about a business calendar handout for next year. Think about seasonal sales and create coupons for each month’s page.

Bookmarks. For voracious readers, bookmarks are an essential tool – something we see a few times every day. So it’s also your opportunity to display your message. If you’re a bookstore that hands out bookmarks with each purchase, turn them into interactive tools. Leave a space for your customers to write a mini-review or testimonial for your shop, and when they return the bookmarks, give them a discount on their next purchase. Then ask to post their write-ups on your website or bulletin board.

Notepads. Like bookmarks, notepads are often referred to throughout the day, every day. To not recognize their marketability is criminal. In addition to your company’s contact information, include your motto, a password for a discount, industry-specific tips or a reminder of an ongoing package deal.


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