Last-Minute St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Tips

Has St. Patrick’s Day snuck up on you? Yup, it’s tomorrow. But before you drown your missed business opportunity in a pint o’ Guinness or an Irish Car Bomb cupcake, skim these marketing ideas intended for procrastinators like yourself.

1. Offer a green discount

The beauty of the Internet is you can post news quickly and take it down just as easily. If you advertise a sale on your company’s website today and then promote it immediately via social networking such as Twitter or Facebook, you still have time to catch people’s attention. Come up with something that will attract search engines, since “St. Patrick’s Day” is always popular this time of year. One idea is to offer a “green” discount – let your customers know that you’ll take a dollar off their purchase for each green item they wear on Wednesday.

2. Play up your greenness

The color green symbolizes St. Patrick’s Day as well as the environment. Combine those two for one promotion that casts attention on your business in a positive light. On your website, mention your eco-conscious efforts. Perhaps you’ve swapped out light bulbs or chosen an environmentally friendly printer. Let your customers know they can be comfortable spending their hard-earned green with you!

3. Know the reason for the season

Other companies might throw shamrocks and leprechauns all over their marketing collateral and store, but you can be different. Do a little research on the history of St. Patrick’s Day and then pass it on to your customers via the company website or in the shop. You can create a box on your site with St. Patrick’s Day facts, such as the origin of the shamrock and the pot of gold, or you can have an in-store contest with trivia questions.

So let this be a lesson to you: Even though you’re now armed with some quick marketing tips, don’t dawdle on future holiday promotions! Now is the time to plan for upcoming special occasions, such as Easter, Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Then promote the heck out of it!

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