3 Sticker Printing Ideas

Stickers aren’t just a hip way to promote a band. Stickers can be integral to marketing and branding for all kinds of businesses.

Here are three uber-practical reasons to print stickers to promote yours, or a client’s business.

1. Mailing labels
For freelancers and small businesses alike, mailing labels can make you look more polished and well-branded when sending invoices, package or correspondence to clients and colleagues. Adapt the logo and tagline from a company’s business cards, website or other promotional materials and create a simple sticker with the return address, logo and tagline. You may want to create two sizes, one 2-inch by 3.5-inch size for larger envelopes and packages and one 1-inch by 2-inch sized label for letters in No. 10 envelopes.

Mailing label designed by Studio Z and featured on their blog http://studiozmendocino.wordpress.com

2. Package design
Stickers are a great work-around for small business clients who want to have custom bags or other packaging, but can’t afford to print directly onto the packaging. My go-to resource for ordering plain packaging is Uline.com, where you can get boxes and bags in a variety of shapes and materials. When desigining the sticker to adorn packaging, just consider the color of the sticker (white or clear) and how it will look for example, on a brown kraft paper bag, a black polybag or on a corrugated cardboard box. You’ll also want to “test” a sticker on the material before ordering in bulk to make sure it sticks and it’s legible. This is also a great technique for wedding favors and other party or PR gift bags.

Wedding favor bag with sticker via stickermechic's store on Etsy.com.

3. Sticky to-do list
We all have different ways of keeping track of a to-do list. There are post-its, index cards and even the “sticky notes” that come in the Macintosh Operating system. The other day I found myself duct taping a piece of legal paper to the wall right next to my desk. It was easy to see at all times and didn’t get lost in the papers on my desk. I thought to myself, “Gee, I could really use blank to-do list stickers!” Create the bare bones of a to-do list on about a 4-inch by 4-inch white sticker. Put the name of your company, a URL and any contact information on the bottom of the sticker for marketing purposes. You can even make it humorous by filling in the first line with a funny task and crossing it out, or making the heading something like, “Too much to-do list.”

To-Do List image from a free donwload on the Daily Etsian- http://dailyetsian.blogspot.com

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  • GiantQtip

    Cool ideas. I agree that having your designs printed on a sticker is a great way to check out just how good your colors when it is printed. This is on top of the convenience and the cost effectiveness involved when using stickers. I also have a great suggestion for you. One of my clients sold whimsical and novelty items, and using stickers, he was able to create a unique bag for each other by putting it at a different area, placing it upside down and even using it to seal the bags

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