Make Your Printing Projects Stand Out With Die Cut

I’ve had a couple of conversations this week with people on Twitter that led me to suggest die cuts for their projects. Die cutting is a way to customize your print order with a unique shape that makes the product stand out among a sea of rectangles.

Vandelay Design on Wednesday published a showcase of gorgeous, die-cut business cards. These cards feature fashionable cutouts and interesting shapes such as a price tag and a speech bubble. I especially like the one with a bite taken out of it. Business cards are handed out left and right, but imagine if you’re given one shaped like a circle instead of a rectangle – that might stick in your mind, making the die cut a smart marketing move!

Die cutting isn’t just for business cards. You can choose a distinctive shape for flyers, table tents and door hangers, among other promotional materials.

Another die-cut option is for stickers, and I’ve discussed them with a couple of tweeters this month. You can choose a shape to symbolize your business for bumper stickers such as a cupcake for a bakery or a record shape for a music business.

Speaking of music, if you’re burning a batch of CDs, you can create a custom, die-cut label to adhere to the discs. Include the playlist or a photo and always remember to include contact information or at least a website.

One other die-cut sticker idea is mailing labels. Design a sticker to fit on an envelope with your mailing address in the upper-right corner and then leave room to fill in the recipient’s information. It’s a great time-saver that also looks professional!


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