Bring in new business by starting small

One of the strategies that works well for attracting a new client is a very simple one: To get in the door, do a very small job for a client.

Even the smallest jobs can show off your talent and capabilities. Just be sure to do you best work. Also, make sure to meet their deadline, because even if it is great, it’s no use to them late. A rule of thumb is to deliver more than you promise, before the date you promised it. This is also a good time to offer up your relationships with other vendors to help them get donated goods.

How will you find these opportunities? Often times word-of-mouth referrals garner the work. Use your networking groups such as the chamber of commerce, or jump onto a committee of a school fundraiser, art museum or community group. There are always print or web items to be produced. Simply ask around, you’ll find a project more easily then you think. If you do a good job, I guarantee people will notice you.

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