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Take care of your customer like you are the Apple store

After a recent round of computer problems I found myself in the Apple store purchasing a 30-inch monitor that I didn’t really want. I’ve got a 2½-year old Mac. A few months ago Apple changed the monitor connections to all their computers. This meant that I was not able to simply replace my 23-inch monitor with one off the shelf.

What you need to know before you go on your first press check

When you arrive you are greeted by your customer service representative and are lead out to the noisy press floor. There, the pressman has already printed out the first few sheets of your press run. You are shown one, and you need to examine it for quality.

What to look for when checking color proofs

The great thing about today’s office color printers is that it is inexpensive to get printouts at any stage of the design process. As you get close the completion of your project it’s important to print out your project and mock it up to check for color quality and content, plus technical factors.

Type: the forgotten graphic image

On your next project try this experiment. Try limiting yourself to only type. Yes, type for your headline and body copy, of course, but also for your image.

6 things to remember when interpolating and resampling images

Digital images contain a certain number of pixels. The dimensions at which it will be printed define its resolution. Photoshop allows you to resize photos.

Resampling happens when you change the number of pixels in a digital image, changing the file’s resolution and, of course, its reproduction size. When an image is scaled, interpolation is used to create the color levels for the pixels in the ne

Crumpled paper and the witch doctor

This is a story that I like to tell my first year students. It illustrates the importance of seemingly unimportant activities and how they can help you later in your career

Be curious: It’s your best idea generator

New input equals new experiences. I’m always on the hunt for new experiences, new materials and new ideas to replenish the well. Recently I visited my local corrugated box manufacturer. Believe it or not, I had to ship a 70-pound child’s peddle tractor and needed a heavy duty box. The box manufacturer has a showroom — yep, a showroom

7 elements of effective cover letter writing for graphic designers

Are you in the midst of a job hunt? Don’t forget the importance of an outstanding cover letter. Here are a few points to consider:

Outdoor advertising — a driving force

Billboards present some unique challenges for designers. Even though the basic principles of good design apply, there are a few additional points to consider before setting out to create an outdoor billboard.

Top 5 essential steps to good brochure design

As we all know, designing a brochure can sometimes be like trying to hit the ducks with a poorly aimed toy gun as they file by on a mid-way carnival game. Moving targets are always harder to nail down. With a little planning up front, you can get a bull’s eye every time.

A good impression by design: Envelopes

The name of the game here is presentation. What you are really designing is packaging. How do you make your envelope stand out in a pile of mail?

A good impression by design: Letterhead

Many times letterhead is the first contact that your audience gets or possibly the only contact that they have with your company. Therefore, your letterhead has got to communicate your product or service, company name and a bit of your personality. It should be simple, but yet unique.

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