Cost-effective restaurant menu boards

menu boardThere are a lot of small mom ‘n’ pop restaurants that spring up all over town, but a lot of the time those types of businesses are taking over a building from another restaurant that moved out. As you know, starting a small business takes a lot of money, and most businesses always seem to skimp on their graphic services. One way to set yourself apart from other design services is to present your clients with cost-effective ways to promote themselves.

Menu board displays can be expensive, and a lot of startup restaurants don’t have the money in their budgets for a large purchase like that. One way that restaurants can have a great display without breaking the bank is with posters.

Create a three- or four-panel personalized poster display for your restaurant client. Measure where the display will go and use your creativity to design a menu board-like system that will showcase all of their great food. You can purchase foam core to back the printed posters, making them more sturdy. You can even purchase dry erase material and attach it to the front of one of the posters for a great display of daily specials or events that the restaurant wants to promote.

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