4 Links for Letterhead Inspiration

New Year’s is a time for reflection — thinking about the past year and how you can improve or reinvent yourself or your business in some way. It is also a time for sending letters, greeting cards and all manner of correspondence to friends, associates and family.

Combine the two ideas above, self-reflection and reinvention, with letter writing and communication, and you’ve got a recipe for a letterhead redesign! Rethinking how your stationery, envelopes and other printed matter looks and feels is like re-branding your business.

Small businesses can make a great impression with carefully designed letterhead and matching business cards and envelopes. These links below provide colorful galleries that can inspire your next letterhead redesign.

1. Avante Garde Letterhead

On a blog called “Ephemera Assemblyman” I came across a wonderful post about a book by Ellen Lupton called, “Letters from the Avant Garde: Modern Graphic Design.” The blogger excerpts some images of letterhead from the book. The letterhead is entirely unique and infused with ideas from artists involved in Futurism, Dada and other modern art movements.

2. Entries from Student Design Competition

On www.insearchofdesign.com students can enter their designs into competitions. Check out this page of business identity (printed materials) and letterhead design.

3. Gallery of Letterhead and Logo Design

The graphic design blog, youthedesigner.com has a post with 83 compelling letterhead and logo designs. The designs are done by professionals and there is an array of ideas from simple and stark to vibrant and attention getting.

4. Best of Business Sationery, Letterhead and Business Cards

The website www.allgraphicdesign.com is a great resource for design inspiration from business cards to invitations. In this inspirational gallery of business stationery, business cards and envelopes, you can click through to make each image larger.

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