When Comics and Graphic Design Collide

The term “geek” has evolved greatly in the past 20 years or so. Once the label of socially inept nerds who hid in their basements playing MMORPGs before “World of Warcraft” was adopted by the masses, geek is now chic. They sell records, have a gazillion Twitter followers and attend Comic-Con. That’s why when graphic designers extract themselves from piles of freelance work this weekend to pop into their local comic book store.  They’ll likely be rubbing elbows with a dad, a bespectacled hottie and even some kids, because Saturday, May 1 is Free Comic Book Day, an attempt to turn more people, young and old, onto this once guilty pleasure.

Graphic designers can learn a lot from comic books. Stories are told in often bold colors, and a slight swoop of the pencil can mean a completely different facial expression. I’m not the only one swept up in nerd fever – here are a few other websites that can’t get enough of spandex. These blogs describe the influence comics can have on design as well as include inspiration and tutorials.

How Comic Books Can Make You a Better Designer” – Inspired Magazine

Michael Myers (Not The Serial Killer) Draws Vintage DC Comics Posters” – ComicsAlliance

Comic Book Inspired Artwork” – Design Reviver

Comic Book Inspired Artwork: Wonder Woman” – Designrfix

Comic Book Style Graphic Design” – GoMediaZine

And, of course, who can resist a poke at Steve Jobs?

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