Marketing Your Business With Calendars

One of my favorite holiday traditions is a night-before-Thanksgiving dinner at a beloved Chinese restaurant with a big ol’ group of friends. Not only is it a welcome break from preparing a huge meal for the next day, but it’s also when I pick up my calendar for the upcoming year. For the past five years, I’ve counted on Sunflower Garden to provide me with an attractive, complimentary calendar to hang beside my landline telephone. I refer to it regularly, and because of its prominence, I’m reminded of Chinese food, and the restaurant is brought to the front of my mind. That recognition factor is the beauty of marketing your business through a calendar.

Businesses handing out free calendars to their customers is a long-standing tradition. Loyal clients come to expect the calendar year after year, and new ones are just excited to get something for free. A calendar makes for good marketing because it is displayed year-round, usually in an eye-catching, high-traffic manner – in a kitchen, on a desk or near a telephone.

Creating a calendar is pretty simple – templates are readily available. So all you really need to do is select your images for each month. Be sure your contact information is visible on every page, including your website and phone number! You can even add value to the calendar by including stickers and coupons.

Random fact: According to Wikipedia, the sale of physical calendars is restricted in some countries and given as a monopoly to universities and national academies – just another reason to take advantage of your freedom to create your own!


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