What to consider when making New Year invitation cards

When creating New Year invitation cards you will want your card to stand out from all of the others that will be arriving. Every little effort that you put forth will increase the number of guests that will be attending as well as help the party to be very memorable. Here are a few things to keep in mind when your are starting the creation process.

Paper stock is always the first step when you are going to create any printed item. The very best stock that you can use is a 14-point gloss cover stock, which has an aqueous coating that protects your New Year invitation card and has a stylish sheen that will accentuate your design. Next in line is a 13-point matte finish that uses 100 percent recycled product. Depending on your budget, there is a 12-point product out there that still looks good and fits into a lower budget.

Why not use a die-cut design to set your New Year invitation cards apart from the others? Nearly every New Year invitation card has a champagne bottle or party favors on them, so why not have your cards die cut into one of those shapes? It is on the eye-popping side and will make your invitation stand out among the many.

One last thing to consider is whether or not to use foil stamping. There is an atmosphere of confidence and precision that is exuded by foil-stamped products. The New Year’s holiday offers great opportunities for foil stamping champagne bottles, a rising sun or even fireworks. You can also try outlining your letters or adding a drop shadow with silver foil stamping.

When you have all of these tips incorporated into your plan for making your New Year invitation cards, you will find that it is easier to create the cards themselves. Everything is easier with a plan in place. The crowning touch is sure to be the envelopes that you put your invitations into. Hopefully, the party will go off without a hitch, because there will be a crowd if you send the right invitation cards.


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