Tasks for the Slow Office Week

A lot of offices close the week between Christmas and New Year’s. But if yours is like PsPrint – open for business except New Year’s Day! – then this is your opportunity to catch up on the tasks you’ve been procrastinating on or simply didn’t have a chance to get to with other people demanding your time.

The same advice rings true from my Black Friday advice:

  • Back up your files.
  • Return e-mails.
  • Test-drive new tools and apps.
  • Give thanks.

But with 2010 upon us in just a few days, there are a number of other tasks you can tackle.

Prepare yourself for tax season. Your W-2s will be in the mail in the next few weeks, and the sooner you file taxes, the sooner you can get a refund – or at least budget for a payment to the government. Check out these year-end tax tips for your business and yourself.

Try some winter cleaning. Look around your office – do you have old equipment stacked up? Start the New Year fresh by clearing out useless items. Recycle electronics or donate them for a tax write-off. Purging the clutter can even provide a creative burst in you!

Stock up. While tossing out the old, make a list of what your company is low on. It’s often cost effective to order office supplies in bulk, and besides, if you purchase business expenses in 2009, you can still deduct them when you do your taxes. Here’s a starter list of office supplies, such as paper items and electronics, to inventory.

Take breaks. If you usually work straight through the day, heating up your lunch in the microwave and dining at your desk, then try something new this week: Walk outside and literally smell the roses. Go out to lunch. Reacquaint yourself with local businesses. Not only does it do your creative mind good to take breaks but frequenting neighborhood businesses is a great way to network.

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