Print Green Notepads to Market Your Business

Believe it or not, plenty of people still take a pen to paper. I keep a notepad beside me all day at work as well as carry one around in my purse. A notepad is perfect for jotting down moments of inspiration, doing quick math and giving yourself reminders. A notepad also makes a great marketing tool for your business.

I don’t type notes on my smartphone or my computer’s WordPad. The reason? Physically writing things down has been shown to help improve your memory. I also like the visual reminder throughout the day of what I plan to do or need to recall. In addition, I get great satisfaction in manually crossing things off a list.

There are several reasons why you should create and print notepads for your business. They’re easy to create, especially if you use a template. You can also order your notepads in large batches for a better price because, depending on what information you include on the notepad, they’ll stay current and useful for months, if not years.

Most important, notepads make a great marketing handout to your clients and/or customers because they:

  • Include your company’s contact information.
  • Provide a visual aid and a source of writing material.
  • Add branding to your company.
  • Are often in the line of vision, so they provide a handy reminder of your business.
  • Can add value by including important dates and tips.

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of notepads, there are several ways to make them green. You can be sure to have your notepads printed with soy-based inks rather than traditional, petroleum-based inks that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Also, be sure to encourage your employees to cover every inch of every page and recycle their used sheets. You should see the notepad beside my desk – it has scrawls all over it!