The strength of a corporate identity

Logos are powerful tools in your visual arsenal. How many of these logo fragments can you identify?

The example below contains fragments of 18 well-known corporate logos. Jay Doblin, who is a theorist and principal at Doblin Group, along with Charlie Roberston, the founder of Red Spider, state that “brands have become paramount to corporate identity to consumers.” Testing this theory in 1984 they devised a quiz out of fragments of national and global logos, which were flashed on a screen a few seconds.

Here is an updated version of the quiz. You will probably be surprised by how many you can identify. It’s an excellent example of how distinctive graphic branding, applied often and consistently, can strengthen a corporate identity. See answers below.


1. Coca-Cola
2. Shell
3. Apple
4. U.S. Postal Service
5. Volkswagon
6. Cingular
8. AT&T
9. NBC
10. Nike
11. McDonald’s
12. CBS
13. Xerox
14. FedEx
15. Playboy
16. General Electric
17. IBM
18. Texaco

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