Type: the forgotten graphic image

On your next project try this experiment. Try limiting yourself to only type. Yes, type for your headline and body copy, of course, but also for your image.

Sometimes I find that the more limited I am in scope, the more creative I become. I remember when I was first starting out as a designer.

Sometimes I was so overwhelmed by the possibilities that it was hard for me to narrow down the elements that I wanted to use, and it took me longer to find a solution.

Graphic designers work with type day in and day out. Sometimes I think we stop seeing the beauty in its forms. Type carries with it style and personality. Not only do I want you to explore a type-only solution with type as a headline solution, I want you to actually create an image out of the letters in the type as well.

Here are a few great examples of this kind of solution:





So now it’s time for you to step out of your type box and get creative with type as image.

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