Hot Off the Press: San Francisco Bay Guardian, Culinary Twist and More

Print marketing continues to evolve as designers and marketers find new ways to use it for promotional purposes. For example, business cards aren’t just for networking anymore. Small businesses print business cards for frequent-shopper punch cards, mini thank-you cards in shipping boxes and promo handouts, such as the San Francisco Bay Guardian did for its “Best of the Bay 2013” campaign. Stickers are particularly versatile. We’ve seen customers order them for inexpensive packaging (just buy plain bags or boxes in bulk and slap on your branded sticker), guerrilla marketing (bands love this) and artisan food labeling, like Culinary Twist does for its line of gourmet sauces. And what about door hanger marketing? Take a look at last week’s “Hot Off the Press” for various examples of businesses printing door hangers.

Business card design by Bill Evans for San Francisco Bay Guardian


Sticker design by Studio Picotee for Culinary Twist


Poster design by Sarah Geraci


Bookmark for Nature’s Cocktail


Greeting card cover for University of California – San Francisco


Postcard design by Michele Levesque for ArtBox at Blue Hill Peninsula Microgallery


Sticker for Marshallberg Farm


Postcard photography by Claire Murkey and design by Sara Gambina-Belknap for Gamelan Sekar Jaya


Sticker design by Megan Schmidt for Freeport Art Museum


Postcard for New Arrivals, Inc.


Booklet cover design by Tangent’s Joe Villanova and The Dealer Resource’s Ross Thornhill for East Glenville Fire Department


Postcard design by Drexler’s Matt Coleman for Symphony NH


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