Stickers as labels: a cost-effective option for your clients

stickersKnow of a client that has a product they are trying to sell? Chances are, they need labels. There are many label printing companies that can charge hundreds of dollars for simple labels that your client may not have. A great way to cut costs on labels is to use stickers instead.

An adhesive label is basically a form of a sticker and is normally attached the same way. For your client’s bottled homemade jelly or box of cookies, they might simply need a classy or eye-catching sticker to place on their box or jar. Suggest getting stickers printed and you can even use a die cut to have them trimmed in a particular shape. Stickers come in all different shapes and sizes, and a great printer will be able to make something custom as well.

After getting your client’s order for stickers, make sure that you include all information such as nutrition facts, warnings and disclaimers, and proper logos and copyright information to include in the design. Then after creating the sticker and getting them printed, you can attach them to your client’s packaging yourself for an additional fee.

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