To Twitter or not to Twitter: That is the question

The “tweet” business is growing faster than anyone could have ever imagined, but is it a good business strategy for your online sales approach? In short — yes. There are a couple of good reasons to use Twitter as a companion marketing tool for your overall strategy.

Twittering is quick. You can use less than 140 characters (letters) to twitter what is going on in your day or talk about a new service or product you are offering. I have used it myself when I have added new items to my online store.

Ease of use would be the second biggest reason. The entire site is user friendly, which is more than can be said about some sites. With millions of users, it doesn’t take long to add a list of friends that will follow you frequently.

Does this translate into business? Frankly, all I can tell you for certain is that is translates into increased traffic to your site. I have not at this time checked a conversion rate to give you more detailed information. Maybe that would be a good topic for a future post. Is anyone interested in seeing that happen?

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