Using Online Printers

Having a good relationship with a printer is probably one of the more important factors in my job as a graphic artist.

About 80 percent of the work that I produce is going to have to be printed in order for the project to be completed, and most of the time my clients are looking for me to provide this service. I also consider it my job to educate my clients on the importance of quality printing. The best graphic design project in the world can look sub-par if the print quality is low.

Personally, I use online printers almost exclusively due to their very low prices, high quality and fast turnaround time. I don’t discount the value of the local printer, and sometimes go that route if my project is extremely detailed or if I need a quantity less than 100. But I love the online printer and will continue to use their services.

What about you? Do you choose local printers or online printers?

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