Who’s Using What in Social Networking?

One of the golden rules we learned while growing up was to share – share your toys, share your cookies, and share the swings. Not much has changed since then. Social media is exploding, and it’s faster and easier than ever to share information. There are so many social media and bookmarking options that the question becomes: Which tools should you use?

With the bounty of social-networking riches, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out what to focus on. Sure, you might update your Facebook status several times a day and maintain networking relationships via Twitter, but how’s your MySpace account doing? Updated your LinkedIn profile lately? If you’re solely a Digg subscriber, are you missing out on what content feeds through Technorati and Slashdot?

Spencer Spellman on the Tutorial Blog recommends that you find out where your niche audience hangs out and choose two or three social-networking sites to focus on. I recommend signing up for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as subscribing to a couple of bookmarking sites. Check out the 20 most popular social-bookmarking sites and then scan them to see which boasts content that matches what your niche audience wants to read.

Social media is still new to a lot of people, which makes it particularly interesting to be witness to its evolution – watching platforms come and go in popularity (remember Friendster?) and seeing how people use it, whether for marketing, networking or simply venting.

At PsPrint, we’ve been increasing our efforts on social media. If you take a glance at the end of this post, you’ll notice we’ve implemented a variety of share options. With just a click and a bit of typing, you can easily share our blogs through Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, StumbleUpon and a variety of other social platforms. No more copying and pasting necessary!

Now tell us, please: What are your favorite social media platforms, and how do you use them?

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