Blocked up: Dealing with writers block

I sat down today and suddenly discovered that there wasn’t a thought in my head. I figured a cup of coffee would help. Nope. Maybe a shower. Didn’t do it either. What in the world is the matter with me. I just spent an hour talking with the guy two houses down about football, but I can’t sit down and write a few paragraphs.

Writers block has gotten us all from time to time. How do you describe a new product? How do you present the same products in a new, fresh manner while keeping the products integrity? Sometimes your print materials will reflect that lack of fluent thinking. Thankfully, someone else has the chance to look your stuff over before it goes to the printer. Your writers block could turn into customer block, as in it blocks customers from buying your products. The next time your editor goes through more red ink pens than you have printer cartridges, feel lucky that he was there to keep you from shooting the company in the foot.

What process do you use to evaluate print copy before it goes out the door?

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