10 Cool Rabbit Logos

April 5, 2010

Easter has come and gone, but a really great bunny in your logo can last forever.

The characteristics of a rabbit are that they’re fast, can multiply rapidly and are extremely nimble. They are quiet, but they are always observant and can react quickly when needed. Of course, we all know rabbits for their ability to jump over very high obstacles. All of these traits could relate back to a business. Here are 10 rabbit logos can give you some inspiration: This is a fun logo for an educational program. The combination of the Tortoise and Hare imagery is clever. By ccd A cute concept on the bunny logo, simplistic yet self-explanatory. By firebrand This flashy logo is fun and inviting. The color combination and font choice really showcase the play on words of "24 Carrot" By truthbydesign This logo focuses on the rabbit speed rather than a cute cuddly bunny. The flames add a creative touch. By jwolter This logo's corporate feel is very clean and direct. By JordanWollman This logo's imagery is detailed and the font choice is very whimsical. By kweeky This a very 'out of the box' way to think of a rabbit image. It fits the company name perfectly. By michaelspitz This logo symbolizes the company name of Jack Rabbit. Using only one distinctive part of the rabbit still gets the point across without overkill. By lakitu This 3-D rendition of a gap tooth bunny is contemporary and funky; showing a very youthful look. By fictionalhead This logo shines in color choice. Each animal corresponding to a word brings a cohesiveness to this piece. By esther

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