WordPress and Tumblr Themes for Designers

August 17, 2010

Blogging is a great way to promote your graphic design business. When you set up a blog, you'll be asked to select or code your own "theme," which basically dictates the look and feel of the blog. Most blog themes focus on writing and not on posting images. If you plan on posting lots of photographs and images on your graphic design blog, then you'll need a theme that supports images. Below are free image-friendly themes from Wordpress and Tumblr (two highly recommended blogging platforms).

A demo screengrab of the Ocular Professor theme.

Theme Name: Ocular Professor Designer: Andrea Mignolo Platform: Wordpress About: A clean black and white photo-blogging theme that shows one large image and several thumbnails for each post. Link to Download Theme Name: Retrobitch Designer: cherryseim Platform: Tumblr About: The neutral-colored home page has thumbnails highlighting about seven or eight different posts at once - perfect for images. Link to Download Theme Name: Duotone Designer: noel Platform: Wordpress About: A photo-blogging theme where the background color automatically changes to match the colors in the posted photo. Link to Download

A preview of the Monotone theme for Wordpress.

Theme Name: Monotone Designer: noel Platform: Wordpress About: Very similar to Duotone. A photo blogging theme where the background colors change to match the photo displayed. Link to Download Theme Name: Organ Designer: simurai Platform: Tumblr About: A strange-looking them that shows slices of thumbnail images on a black background. When you mouse over the sections they expand to show more of the content. Could be very intriguing if you use a lot of photos. Link to Download Theme Name: Workaholic Designer: Graph Paper Press Platform: Wordpress About: A sleek design that publishes eight images up front. When you mouse over the images, the title of the post and tags become visible. Link to Download

Screenshot preview of the Cargo Theme for Tumblr.

Theme Name: Cargo Theme Designer: jarredbishop Platform: Tumblr About: This theme showcases up to 12 thumbnail boxes on a plain white background. Very sleek and clean. Link to Download Theme Name: Inuit Types Designer: Zeljan Topic Platform: Wordpress About: Choose between a black or white background and use the two-column layout to show more images on the homepage. You can also elect "featured" posts to highlight on the front page. Link to Download Theme Name: Modularity Lite Designer: Graph Paper Press Platform: Wordpress About: This theme is minimally styled and lets photos and artwork come to the forefront. There are one and two column layout options and the slideshow on the home page is great for showcasing images. Link to Download

A screenshot preview of the Pro Media theme for Tumblr.

Theme Name: Pro Media Designer: micheldacruz Platform: Tumblr About: Basic grayscale background with a strip of thumbnails that move when you mouse over them. Link to Download

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