Personalized Business Cards Make Great Valentine Gifts

January 25, 2010

Sure, you could go the roses and candy route for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps some fine jewelry or a new cell phone (don’t ask me – I’ve read that smartphones make hot gifts). But do you really want to be considered a cliché of a partner? How about something that shows some creativity and thought? How about a personalized business card?

This blank card is your canvas for any personalized message.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about new uses for business cards, such as printing cards that identify you as your child’s parent for classmates’ mothers and fathers, ordering cards that list your specialty if you’re unemployed or freelancing, and having cards on hand for when you meet someone who strikes your fancy. The latter led to a discussion about fun gift ideas involving business cards. The first concept was to create an ostentatious title for your mate. Rather than go for the obvious “World’s Greatest Lover,” print out a batch of business cards for your significant other with a title that’s part of an inside joke between you or within your circle of friends. “Marsupial trainer” was tossed around in my conversation, but there’s also “rocket scientist,” “trainer to the stars,” “heartbreaker,” “girlfriend 2.0” and so on. On the other hand, what if you have a friend who’s single? A personalized business card makes an excellent gift – your lonelyhearts pal can use it as an ice breaker, and it shows that he or she has a sense of humor, especially if the cards are a gift from a creative friend like you. In addition to including your friend’s name and contact information, add some fun, light-hearted stuff, such as references, testimonials and likes and dislikes. Then the singleton can hand them out at a bar, the supermarket or anywhere else he or she sees someone who strikes their fancy. Business cards don’t always need to be for business, all stodgy and professional. What other nontraditional uses have you seen for business cards?

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